Welcome to my favourite hotel in the world


7. MOHKG Fan and Doorman

Peeking out of the Hong Kong shore line, The Mandarin Oriental sits quietly in between the jungle of skyscrapers overlooking the harbour. Humble and elegant this much loved hotel has stood for 50 years in the centre of the metropolis, transporting guests into a sanctuary of both decadence and serenity. (Seriously the feng shui in this building has to been the best in Hong Kong.) Having spent many wonderful moments throughout my child hood in this hotel from  birthday afternoon teas to New Year’s Eves, whilst on a trip to Asia I decided I had to stay. It’s simply my favourite hotel in the world-  here’s 5 reasons why.

  1) Interior Design/ View Game is STRONG- It’s about lounging from the bed to the sofa to the chair. Seriously considering becoming a recluse if it involves staying only in this room forever I’m fine with it. There are also binoculars for when Facebook stalking is boring you.



2)The bathrooms though- We’re talking Hermes amenities and water pressure from heaven.


 3)  Without a doubt the best kept secret swimming pool in Hong Kong


4) You can be up in the gym just working on your fitness

5)  Little touches- obviously the service is out of this world amazing, and the whole team go to great lengths to continuously surprise you.  I loved the welcoming jasmine tea and some champagne didn’t hurt either. Hi bubbles.


Other things that need to be mentioned. The rose petal jam, the florist, the much love cake shop with out of this world custom cakes and of course Pierre- one of the best restaurants in the world, sits on the top floor. Humble like everything else.


61.  MOHKG - Swimming Pool 43.  MOHKG - Man Wah

Visit The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong – Rooms from £300 a night

About Last Night: A Russian Romance @CafeRoyalHotel #VILSHENKO


To Cafe Royal last night where Russian designer Olga Vilshenko hosted a summer soiree for her resort collection. Splitting her time between studios in Moscow and London, Olga’s beautiful designs combine the folklore and heritage of Russia with western couture practices.  I fell in love with the opulently embroidered dress I wore for the evening, ankle length and nipped in at the waist, Im currently embracing dressing like a lady. Piling into a car with  Bertie Brandes and too many bags, we layered on the flash trash girl jewellery, quickly discarding our backpacks at reception as we arrived at the decadent Regent street based hotel.



A fashion party on a Friday night is a rare thing, but TBH like we were doing anything else anyway, so in we drifted to the ball room, where champagne was flowing and Paula Goldstein was behind the decks blasting out fashion party classics like You’re So Vain and wearing the best sleeves i have ever seen on a dress ( above) Making a bee line for the carpaccio canapes, we hung out briefly at the catering door to nab them in the chicest of fashions. As more immaculately dressed guests floated in, it was hard to believe it was a Friday night in central London in 2014. I mean it was just too romantic and chic.




Catching up with artist Christabel Mac Greevy and director of the new STORE at Soho House Berlin, Alex Eagle, we chatted summer plans before a sultry Marissa Montgomery arrived in a cut out, sheer black number ‘Are you wearing Vilshenko too?!’ was the most overheard phrase as we all embraced our temporary status as Russian Princesses in a Romanov Romance that was far too brief.  As the brilliant Fernando Jorge elegantly held up the male ratio and the sun began to set, we downed the last of our vodka and drifted into the night.

image (2)




So excited that my FLASH TRASH GIRL range has landed in Topshop Oxford Circus!! For 1 month only this exclusive range of chains, midi rings and hoop earrings is available in store and online at myflashtrash.com my interview with Topshop below!

Can you sum up Topshop x My Flash Trash Girl in three words?

I can’t even!


What was the inspiration behind the line?

Definitely Spring Breakers and The O.C. Season 1. It’s like sweet Cali high school girl meets Miami chick adventure. That kind of fun summer road trip vibe with some secret diary drama.


Any favourite pieces?

I love all the black matte pieces. My best friend Piers has a cool finger tattoo and it inspired me to update the midi ring with a ’90s grunge vibe.

kiss-2-square (1)

What will you be wearing the collection with?

Im really into crop tops and midi skirts, so I’ll layer on all the fun rings with that!

What can we expect from the pop-up at Oxford Circus?

It’s like an internet meme playground set in California. Gold, black matte, dainty little playful things like mini skate boards, flamingos and whole lot of blah blah blah.


What advice would you give for setting up your own business?

Know your plan will change, be able to adapt to change, be prepared to get up no matter how many times you get knocked down. Persevere and know when to pivot. And finally enjoy it!!

What’s Topshop all about for you?

Topshop is the ultimate fashion fix, every trend under the sun. You know you can walk in and get something that’s going to stand out and look amazing. So Im really excited that our jewellery we be a part of that finishing touch, it definitely will start a conversation.

Shop Topshop x Flash Trash Girl at our Oxford Circus flagship now or online 

5 Start Up Do’s & Don’ts



Before I went to Korea the other week I nipped over to Google Campus to join a panel talk on Start Up Do’s & Don’t's  hosted by The Geekettes ( a great community of women offering help to aspiring female tech innovators) . Having started selling jewellery online at MYFLASHTRASH.COM at the age of 16, I’ve been on that cliched roller coaster ride for the past 6 years and it’s always encouraging to meet up with other founders. Grasping as much information from other entrepreneurs who have had more time and experience than you is invaluable- so you can learn from their lessons and counterbalance your own self-advice with their guidance. Here are some of my favourite points from the panel speakers that included Tom Woolway from Twitter, Alice Bentick from accelerator programme Entrepreneur First, David Norris from Forward Partners and Jason Trost of of smarkets. 

1) #PRODUCTMARKETFIT just because it works there doesn’t mean it will work here

 I often consider the constraints of environment. How many start ups or brands would have succeeded if they were based say in the US instead of the UK? Or in China instead of Australia? Analyse global markets where can you really set up for the most viable shot at traction? Or where do you need to dip your toe first to expand?

2) #VALUEPERCEPTION you can be too expensive but you can also be too cheap

 Understanding pricing models and the perception of value for money is a key. Making one simple change in the price structure changed the profitability and conversion of a business David was part of almost over night.

3) #DOIT because most people won’t

Starting your own business takes ridiculous amounts of self-conviction and determination and probably a lack of understanding of fear. But you have to know there is never a right time, there is no rule book. Too many people are afraid that they don’t jump in, if you’ve got an idea and a passion and you’re willing to sacrifice everything to make it work then do it because most people are happy with the security of a 9-5 routine. You are not.

4) Don’t.. stop

Over half of all new businesses fail. This of course is not only due to people just giving up, maybe their model wasn’t right for the time or the right team wasn’t in place. But when you reach those low moments and you scream to your bedroom wall ‘WHY AM I DOING THIS!’ don’t stop. You may need to pivot, but don’t under any circumstances stop.

4) Remember you’re in it for the long haul

Yes you need to constantly have your eye on cash flow, but if you take too many short term cash opportunities that lead you off course, it will only push your long term vision further and further away. Learn to say no to almost everything and yes only to opportunities that fit with your long term vision. Keep your head up and remember ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’

5) Don’t listen to anything and everything everyone says, forge your own path

Earlier in the month I spoke at the Adobe conference ( above) and one of the insights I shared is to persevere and know when to pivot. Having a start up is like having a baby, you can’t really have days off, and you probably won’t want to either ,but you can have moments off and not feel guilty about that.


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